Here at LovelyLox, we have an ever increasing range of fabulous designer inspired wigs and hair pieces. We are a UK based company, and only list products which are currently in stock.

So many people wear wigs because they WANT TO – not because they have to! And our aim is for people to wear them, not just for glamour, but also for everyday life.

We have something for everyone - fashion wig wearers, necessity wig wearers (cancer patients, alopecia sufferers), competitors in the bodybuilding industry, and models who like to look glamorous without the stress on the day - anyone who longs for a stunning new look without the hassle or committing to styling or colouring their own hair. Just think - no more bad hair days!

We truly believe that wearing a wig can change your life! It can be a fantastic confidence boost when people are commenting on your new hairstyle yet again – with false eyelashes, nails, and everything in between, wearing a wig is becoming the norm!

We pride ourselves on offering premium quality products, at very affordable prices, along with fantastic customer service!

We have a great relationship with our manufacturers, and as we buy direct from them it enables us to offer our products at very competitive and affordable prices. We believe in giving our customers great products, at great prices, along with excellent customer service 😊 After all, we want you to return again and again! Why stop at one style or colour?

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